ChangLi Mini EV

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What if I told you, you can now go a short distance from point A to B in a highly affordable car that fits your budget?

Everyone can now fulfill their car dreams with our ChangLi Mini EV. This fully capable electric mobile allows you to pick up kids or get groceries without spending on expensive gasoline. 

Now you can avoid the harsh daily commute while keeping your health uncompromised. Not to mention, you can now take a quick ride in the city without contributing to pollution.

 What Makes It Unique?

  • Affordable. With a price point of less than five grand, you can now have an electric vehicle that can quickly move you in short distances. 
  • Entirely Electric. For only 4 hours, you can now use the ChangLi Mini EV for up to 50 miles. Help the environment heal by using an absolutely NO emission car. 
  • Max Speed of 28mph. Rather than walking, take a fully functional vehicle that will transport you on time. 

 Make your way through all the traffic in the city with the next best thing. 



- Dimensions: 95”x48”x64”

- Curb Weight: 551LBS

- Top Speed: 28mph

- Range: Estimated 30 Miles

- Charge Time: 4-6 Hours

- Charger: 110V (Included)

- Battery Info: 60v/52AH & 60v/80AH Lithium (optional)

- Electric Motor Info: 1200 watts



- Back Up Camera

- LED Lights

- Windshield Wipers

- Crank Windows

- AM/FM Radio/USB Phone Connection

- Heater & Sunroof Ventilation

- Spare Tire

- Charger Included